Technology in the Classroom

As I am typing this blog response, I am currently looking around at the library and I have yet to see a single person without some form of technology in front of them. Although, an argument can be made for how distracting it can be in the classroom, I think the benefits of it completely out weigh the negatives. Years back when computers were a newer thing, the internet was dial up, and the screen and monitor of a computer were as big as the desk it was sitting on, it was very easy to avoid using technology in schools. But, now that science is improving drastically it is very unrealistic to not use technology for the learning process. Technology is more efficiant, saves a lot of resources–paper, creates connections to people all the way across the world, and overall just has too much information to not take advantage of.  This is why I strongly believe that given the times and the rate at which technology is advancing, educators should have no choice on incorporating technology in the classroom.

Education is focused around building a community of working individuals. In society today, so many things are run by machines or require working on computers or other technological devices that if students are not familiarized with them starting at a younger age than it could lead to future challenges. In addition to being vital to know about, classrooms could use the thousands of different apps, the internet, and office tools in order to complete work and learn. There are endless possibilities on different ways to incorporate technology in the classroom in all content areas, even physical education. For example, in the special education course I interned for, the students all got iPads in order to practice spelling, count money, and learn about anything that was relative to the lesson. This was my first time experiencing the use of iPads in the school setting, but I learned quickly how effective it was and how many different apps the students could use to practice and discover information.

I think that it is important for teachers to use technology to create lessons as well. Throughout my schooling career thus far, the teachers that incorporate the internet and encourage finding new information are the ones I have learned the most from. Like we talked about in class, there is no reason to memorize random facts anymore, because the information is too readily available that it is a waste of time. This is just a reality of the future and if teachers don’t use technology and introduce their students to it they will be at a disadvantage.

All in all, the times are changing. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and soon enough machines will be running everything. Schools are in place in order to prepare students for their future careers and withholding the use of technology would actually harm their education.


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