Bill Gate’s Views on Improving Education

After watching the TED talk that Bill Gate made regarding the education system in American I am deeply concerned. He provided facts stating that the United States is ranked 31st in math, 23rd in science, and 15th in reading. Following up those statistics he states that the only thing America is really succeeding at, is being the country that provides the least amount of feedback to teachers.

Looking also at the statistics that he provided, Shanghai China, is the number one country in almost category. With that being true he further looked into their educational system to see why their successes were so much greater. While researching, he discovered their system for giving teachers feedback on their performance. In China the teachers are required to have teacher study groups, as well as observation hours to reflect and evaluate their colleagues.  I think that this strategy is good because reflecting and having people observe each other would encourage them to improve themselves and also give others more ideas and strategies that could be more effective then what they were previously doing.

Implementing Bill Gate’s plan of action would effect my job in the future and education as a whole in a very positive way. Although there are expenses to doing this, their impact out weighs the overall cost it would take. A major part of his plan was to have teachers video tape themselves in the classroom. This is important because they could then go back and reflect on their work so there would be improvements the next time they instruct that lesson. I think this is a wonderful idea to make improvements, but also because it allows teachers to document which strategies really worked and what needs to be changed.

All in all, American education levels are falling low on the global scale which is scary for our country and the future generations of students. Establishing an effective way to give educators feedback on their work to improve the quality of education students are receiving would benefit our country as a whole. I hope that by the time my peers and I are in our own classrooms we can demonstrate the importance of teacher feedback in order to make a difference in the future. global-education-league


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