Different Ways of Thinking


After hearing Temple Grandin speak about the different types of thinking and different ways the minds work, I really thought about the future of students in school right now. She brought up points addressing that our curriculum is becoming more and more focused on technology and less focused on hands on creative, mind straining tasks.

One of her major points is, that students with autism range on a very wide spectrum, from having limited communication to being fully able to communicate. Students are all individuals and have different interests and affect ways of learning. Three different types of thinking she talked about were, visual, pattern, and verbal. Each way of thinking was unique and had certain characteristics. A visual thinker, which is what she classified herself as, is someone who is good with architecture and graphic design. I think that this point was incredible because she described her thinking process and to me it made very little sense and would be an extremely difficult way for me to think and analyze information. The second type, was the pattern thinker. I think with my schooling and previous experiences i would classify myself as this one. The pattern thinker uses a more math and science aspect to thinking about things. Finally, the third was the verbal thinker. The verbal thinker is someone who is good at things such as acting. After hearing about the different ways of thinking, I am going to really consider this information in the future.

Having an open outlook on every individual and their learning styles and thinking patterns is essential for all teachers. There will never be two students in a classroom that learn exactly the same, which is way differentiation is so critical. With the world becoming so technology based, future educators need to emphasis the importance of continually using hands on activities to learn. Continuing the use of hands on activities is important because a lot of time this is what activates students minds and encourages them to be more active and involved in the material.

In conclusion, the world needs all different kinds of minds to work together and make a successful and inventive community.


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