Twitter Community

After building my twitter community, here are some interesting tweets I found…

I found this interesting because it reenforces the importance of the past and also encourages the future of education. The tweet stating that “we must lead with learning not the technology” is important because as technology is pushed further and further into the classroom, teachers may start to stray away from the fundamentals and base knowledge which is essential to the foundation of every individuals educational career. Following that statement the tweet reads “pedagogy is the driver technology is the accelerator”. This is equally as important to the first part because once the foundation of a concept is taught to children reenforcing it with technology- computers, iPads, iPods, ect. is very beneficial to students and the way their brains work today.

This is another tweet/article I thought would be important to share with educators. I think is important because, although, everyone today is reinforcing how important technology is, there is still benefits and advantages to doing things the ‘old fashion way’. Reading on screens has proven to decrease student concentration, remove and/or change the students need to think critically, and overall decrease the amount of time and consciousness students put into their reading. I do realize the convince, cost efficient, and accessibility technology brings to the reading process, but educators need to look into better more effective ways to implement the technology because there seem to be an abundance of negatives.

Finally, this is a third tweet I found, which states the educational goals for 21st century learners. Basically this tweet just states that technology needs to be implemented and focused on in the classroom. I strongly agree that using technology in the classroom truly benefits both the students and the teachers, but I also do realize the distractions technology can cause. I just think this is important for teachers to keep in mind while making lesson plans and also when dealing with students that may have disabilities.


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