21st Century Learning



This seems to be the focus of anything and everything that is written about the future of teaching. Students and educators alike recognize the value and importance of having technology in the classroom and using it to learn, reinforce, and present understanding. The millions of possibilities there are in the technological world make it very simple to incorporate it into the classroom. In my future classroom, I expect to be working with students with all kinds of disabilities, intellectual, physical, learning, ect. The use of technology in my future classroom will provide me with many opportunities to differentiate my instruction, as well as providing me with multiple means of representation.

The video shows how different students react to technology. With 21st century learners there is no significance behind a lot of curriculum from the 20th century, because technology makes information more readily available to everyone. Along with the many different technological devices in the classroom, students brains are beginning to function differently. The average worksheet does not allow for as much student engagement and often times students attention spans are much shorter when information is presented to them in that way. Some different technologies that are great in the classroom are smart boards, iPads, IPods, computers, laptops, listening devices, and so many more. In the future, I can see myself using as much technology as possible in order to gain student interest, focus, and attention. Technology is especially important in the special education classrooms because it has so many options to accommodate individuals. For example, voice recognition tools for individuals who have trouble with fine motor movement, talking devices for students who are unable to speak, and even just motorized wheelchairs for students with physical disabilities. All these different forms of technology are part of everyday schooling.

Creativity is also increasing through the dramatic increase of technology in the classroom. Coding, music making, video making, and so on are all ways students are getting creative to present information and understanding. This is so important because many studies are showing that many students in school during the 21st century will end up with jobs that do not even exist yet. Getting familiar with technology and learning things such as coding, is potentially going to be so important because this is the future of jobs. The videos also talk about passion. As a young student developing a passion, such a photography/ graphic design, will create drive, motivation and student interest to continue their educational path.

In this day and age, the educators and students all need to be adaptable to change. The educational world is changing, revolving more and more around technology. I personally think that this is important and basically allows every student to be on a more equal level because there are so many different things that can be done through the use of technology. Not providing students with technology or not using technology is only hurting the student’s learning process and abilities. Finally, like John Dewey said,Unknown “If we teach students the way we taught them yesterday, then we rob them of tomorrow”.   


This web link above is just a quick read of exactly why technology is useful in the classroom.


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