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This tweet is valuable to educators because it includes a study that proves that educational games are beneficial to the student learning environment. Like we talked about in class 21st century learners have trouble focusing on worksheets, but rather prefer to use technology. Incorporating digital games into the classroom will increase student attention. Along with that, online games and lessons allow teachers to know student progress and keep track consistently. In my future classroom I intend on using technology and I think that incorporating educational games is a great idea to keep students interested and on the right track.

This tweet is full of very valuable information. It recognizes that the world of education has changed and that it is very outdated to not use technology. This tweet gives 17 things to consider while planning a lesson plan for 21st century learners. A valuable things that the article points out is that student work is now not only submitted to the teacher, but also can be submitted to all students in order for students to collaborate and compare their responses. I think thats important because sharing thoughts forces the students to reflect and analyze the information in more detail. Another thing mentioned in the article is that differentiation is key. Differentiation is one of the main things talked about in all of my current classes. Technology makes differentiating lesson plans more simple because it provides many different ways to present, express and reflect on information.

This tweet is important because although so many people talk about technology in the classroom, the cost of getting the technology is very expensive and out of reach to many low income schools. Different things can be done in order to get the technology, such as writing grants. Writing a grant can be timely, but it is often very affective and can often time get schools IPads and other technologies for free. While considering purchasing technology it is important to consider all students needs and find technologies that are the most up to date because that is the most beneficial to student learning.


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