Weekly Challenge #5

This week in class we talked about the importance of digital story telling. Although creating digital stories may take educators some additional time, the benefits they provide to students are much greater than a boring power point. Digital stories provide students with visuals and vocals which give them more to focus on while learning and processing information. As I have realized through creating my own digital story, they can be complicated. Watching this video helped give me ideas while I created my own.

Although every digital story is different and can be altered to fit any subject area. This weekly challenge focused on the Ignite presentations. Ignite is an event where people make a 5 minute video, consisting of 20 different images each shown for 15 seconds with voice overs.  The Ignite I choose to make focused on my personal life over the summer. For students who watch my video they would learn the many activities and hobbies I have over the summer. Although, this may not be of interest to  everyone, I hope you enjoy my summer time adventure.


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