The Personal Learning Network Continues to Grow #SPED312

This week in class we were introduced to yet another great website to connect with people and gain valuable educational knowledge, called Feedly. Feedly is a website that contains thousands of blogs relative to any topic imaginable. This is a great site for our class to get involved with because it basically provides a longer and more in depth version of what the tweets we find on twitter say. Some people I decided to follow on Feedly, to build my personal learning network are, Cool Cat Teacher, iLearn Technology, TED Education, and many more. Hopefully these sites are useful to develop my further knowledge of teaching and educational technology. Here is a blog I found to be interesting.

This post was so interesting because it brought up a very valid point of discussion, the different between achievement and relevance. Achievement is basically what schools focus on in their curriculum. Many people argue that they never use a lot of the information they learn in schools in their careers. Teaching relevant information basically argues that students should learn only information that will make them successful in their future jobs. I argued that in a educational system focused around only relevant information student would not be able to figure out which subjects they are most interested in. Allowing students to learn information in all content areas, achievement based learning, allows for them to learn which areas they enjoy most and find a path in which they want to eventually pursue a career in.

This is a TED talk video that talks about the type of learning that 21st centuries need to experience. He talks about the importance of critical thinking, problem solving, and that students need to be asking questions and finding problems rather then just solving ones they are given. Something he found on his trip around to 64 different schools is that innovation needs to be improved upon, and that schools need to be more open and flexible to change. Understanding that change takes time he encourages schools to start as soon as possible. More modern day schools are becoming creative spaces for students to explore and develop/reflect on their own knowledge. Different words that are now being used to describe modern day education are creative, adaptive, permeable, dynamic, systemic, and self correcting. All in all, there is so much room for innovation, while it is very important to keep the traditional values schools hold.

I feel like this article and TED talk video are important for all educators to see because they really stress important things to address with 21st century learners and rise points that should be considered and improved upon at all times.


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