How Many Times Can We-Tweet #SPED312

Since this class focuses so much on social networking, my favorite networking site is Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that allows bloggers, stores, and anyone else to share images that connect to their information. As it is such a big trend the world of education has also become involved. This tweet gives 20 tips on how to use the site and how to find and organize the most useful information. I think this is important for all teachers because it gives thousands of ways to organize the classroom, different graphic organizers and even different ideas on how to use technology and incorporate it into lessons. Here is an example of something I found on Pinterest that will be helpful in the classroom. #happypinning

Here is another tweet,

On the same topic of the prevalence social media is having on the educational system, studies are now being done to show that social media can have positive effects on student writing. Some of the different things that are stated to show that writing can improve are it allows students to connect with an audience, write in a personal more authoritative way, and  get more rapid feedback. When the article says that social media writing allows students to connect with an audience they are referring to the ability of others to comment and/or like (or dislike) students posts. This interaction allows for deeper analysis of the writing and information they are writing about. Also, social media allows students to write in a more personal way. Social media allows students to express their opinions more freely and also provide hyperlinks to supporting data. Finally this article talks about receiving feedback in a more timely manor. This is helpful because it keeps students motivated and encouraged to continuously improve upon their work. Here is a link to the full site of why social media can actually improve writing.

Final tweet,

This final tweet I found is the steps to integrating technology into the classroom. This is so important because a lot of the teachers currently are outdated on their knowledge of technology and students are loosing interest. Integrating and keeping the most up to date technology in the classroom is extremely beneficial. For the 1000th time the impact technology is having on students is very substantial. The stages in this tweet start with being directed (high instruction), to access, to mobile, to self-directed (low levels of instruction). This progression of integrating technology in the class is very similar to how educators introduce any new concept into the classroom. This is helpful because students are familiar with the process of having more structured lesson plans to working more with groups or on their own and will be able to adjust smoothly.


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