Food For Thought

Being energetic, enthusiastic, and confident are three qualities that educators should strive to preform each day in the classroom. Student’s emotions and interest in a topic are influenced greatly by how the teacher feels about it. For example, having a monotone teacher causes student interest to decrease and also causes students to also be drowsy and not motivated. My current math teacher comes to class with enough energy to power the entire classroom- even though it is at 8:30 in the morning. I cannot begin to stress how much of a difference his energy makes on the classroom environment and my interest in the topics. I thought this tweet is a great reminder to all educators.

Another great reminder for all teachers. This is especially important and being emphasized more in 21st century classrooms. The application of knowledge is not only proof that students understand what they have been taught, but it also deepens the understanding. When students are able to learn, process, and apply a concept it is much more likely to be engrained in their memory. Making students learning a lot of random facts and testing them on them without the applying them first sets students up to immediately forget the information. This is basically what teachers do in order to ‘teach for the test’, which has NO benefit to students learning or success.

A second cool cat teacher tweet because she really knows the in’s and out’s of the classroom. Finding student’s strengths and empowering them in the classroom leads to a very effective classroom environment. Throughout my schooling experiences and through observation I think that the classrooms that are structured in a way that students participation is equivalent to curriculum instruction are the most effective. Building good relationships with students and empowering them to succeed and build upon their strengths makes students more motivated.

All the tweets I found this week were more general statements about building a classroom environment and teaching students in more effective ways. Every educator should be reminded of these things and continually work to make school and their classrooms better.


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