Redefining The Classroom

The Cool Cat Teacher does such a wonderful job at addressing issues that arise in classrooms. This specific article talks about the use of technology and how educators that are not comfortable with technology are using it in the wrong ways. More specifically it states “you’ve got a classroom using 21st century technology for 20th century teaching”. I thought this point was very interesting and also very true.

In classrooms I have been in that are new at incorporating technology I have noticed that more often than not the teachers are using the technology to reinforce the previous learning or to teach concepts in a more simple, speedier way. Although, this is not always a bad thing, the article discusses that successfully using technology requires replacing old methods of teaching with new. This is important because educators fall into using the technology to do their job for them, but finding new methods of teaching will provide a more solidified incorporation of the technology. SAMR is an acronym given to the steps of including technology in lesson plans. This stands for, Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. Here is an article explaining that more in detail.

Overall, this blog posts talks about the importance of not only incorporating technology in the 21st century classrooms, but doing it in the correct, most efficient way. With the up roaring of emphasis on technology students and teachers both need to start using it to create things rather than always use what is already out there. This will effect how I look at technology now because it forces me and my peers to be more creative and challenge our students to do so as well.

On a side note, coding was talked about in this blog post, which was relevant to our class because of the use of technology and the little seminar we attended.


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