Tweeeeeeeet #SPED312

This article emphasizes the importance of student voice. This is critical because in this day and age, with all the technology,  anyone regardless of age can share their opinion and views on any topic. It then goes on to discuss how widely spread any information on the internet is and that anyone can find anything. Many students who were just born into this technology culture do not realize how easily information is spread and how amazing it is that everything is literally within a click on the mouse. The author mentions that teaching students to be aware of the network and realize that everything they post can be seen by many people and it is as permanent as writing in ink, maybe even more. Overall, this article talked about amplifying student voice as as well as making them aware of the ‘digital legacy’ they are building on by posting on the internet. Here is a video talked about in the article. Check it out!

Here is a second interesting tweet I found,

This tweet is focused around incorporating technology in reading lessons and really finding a way for students to be more drawn to read. I thought this was relevant because we often talk about this in our CI 475 class. As almost every article I have read says “students of today are different” and they all say this because of the impact technology has had on their lives, as well as their learning. The author mentions how much of a challenge it is to continue to get students to think reading is fun and stimulating like many other alternatives they are presented with. She also talks about using technology to teach reading, but follows that up by stating that there is nothing quite the same as the true text. As this challenge is presented to me and all future educators, I am curious to see what alternative methods are discovered for teaching reading and the basic concepts that fall under it, vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, ect.

This third tweet was the most valuable one I found. It talks about the impact that teacher attitude has on student attitude, more specifically toward technology, but it applies in all areas of learning. They mentioned a study was done to prove that if the teachers have anxiety about something, their students are way more likely to feel the same. Another good point was that although many of todays teachers were not taught or raised with as much technology, there is no excuse for not learning about it and incorporating into the classroom. The article also mentions different examples of ways to incorporate it aside from the classic computer lab time. In conclusion, having a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards technology will encourage students too as well. Like the article mentions, even if technology is something ‘scary’ or unfamiliar to a teacher, it is important that they attempt to use it, fail and try again, just like what teachers teach their students to do with new concepts.

Here is a link to an article that provides teachers examples of ways to incorporate technology in math lessons.


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