Finding Success In a World Full of Options

The blog I read this week was about encouraging students to reach their full potential and to never settle for something that is not making you happy in all areas of your life. The post started off by giving an interesting analogy that I will share below:

“What do the following four men have in common?”

  1. Peter Diamondis, founder of XPrize and Singularity University
  2. Salman Ahmed, Pakistani musician and lead of the band Junoon
  3. Pau Gasol, basketball player now on the Chicago Bulls
  4. Ken Joeng, comedian from the movie Hangover

“Besides being all male, they all went to medical school”

In my mind this was such a great introduction because although all these males worked extremely hard to get through medical school, none of them are still practicing. These career paths that they have chosen are completely astray from what they had envisioned, I’m sure, but they were able to eventually find their true passion.

This blog not only talks about finding your true passion, but it also talks about ways that parents can help their children to do so. As a future educator, this is very important for us as well. Here I am going to share some of the advice the article gives to parents:

  • Encourage and challenge children to make their own decisions
  • Provide tools for children to explore and imagine all the possibilities
  • Encourage children to not compare themselves to others, but rather to themselves and their growth
  • Ask questions that encourage children to find their passions and define their goals

These are only 4 of 10 of the recommended ways given for parents to encourage students, but I think that educators can have an active role in this process as well. The more people involved and the more support students receive will give them more opportunities to find their true passion and explore all the wonderful options available to them.


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