Educational Opportunity via Twitter

This tweet has a very interesting quote that is relevant to our class because it relates directly to educational use of technology. This goes without being said, but technology is very expensive. Many districts around the state of Illinois and even all over the country are unable to provide technology to their schools due to their poverty level, which also makes it an unrealistic expectation to think that students would have access to it at their homes. Like the quotes says, integrating technology into the classroom is unrealistic without the proper funding and knowledge on how to use it properly.

Change is constantly going on around everyone in our society. In the 21st century education has experienced some of the biggest changes it ever has, these are the use of technology, standardized assessments, the Common Core State Standards and many others. This specific tweet talks about how standardized assessments are affecting how math curriculum has to be taught. With unrealistic expectations and very short amounts of time allotted to teaching students certain material, students and teachers alike a loosing interest. In order to change this and inspire students to enjoy the mathematical challenge, teachers need to step up and be leaders. This article explains the story of a school staff that stepped up their game and taught students the necessary curriculum in a more enjoyable and manageable way.

This tweet includes a video of Arne Duncan talking about how educational opportunity needs to be available to everyone equally, not just an individual party. It is very easy for educators and politicians to say that there needs to be equality, but to actually ensure there is, can be very difficult. The inequality still being faced is one of the main triggers for the ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act (now, No Child Left Behind) which was a huge step in making equality and providing a more substantial set of laws that schools are required to preform. Although he mentions that these are now outdated, they did make a large difference and as the changes are becoming more widely accepted, additions to the laws can now be made. This affects my future because I will need to ensure that every student does receive equal opportunities and that my classroom(s) have a great sense of community, regardless of the student’s background.


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